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Real Estate Buyers Guide

The purchase of real estate is one of the most important transactions a person will ever make. The first step is picking out specific areas to focus your search on. When looking at neighborhoods, check out the quality of schools, the average home prices, the major employers, and the nearby resources (fire station, library, grocery store, etc). After choosing the best area for your family, then it's time to start taking more proactive steps.

Sharona Beck Realty agent will be your major resource for help and information. Your agent will be your access point for the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which lists all available properties on the market. While many sites allow you to view the MLS listings you need an agent to actually show you the homes in person. Sharona Beck Realty also has many exclusive listings that you would want to see as well. Sharona Beck Realty can show you any home on the market, no matter who that home is listed through. A Sharona Beck Realty agent listens to the buyers' needs and does not waste their buyers' time taking them to homes that are not suitable for that specific buyer. We do not show homes above the buyers' stated price range or show homes that need major repairs when the buyers request a move-in condition home.

Beyond simply finding you a home, your Sharona Beck Realty agent can often help you find a good source of financing. Financing is a crucial step in the buying process. It's important to be pre-approved for a mortgage before looking seriously at homes. Pre-approval means that you have been fully screened by the lender and approved for a loan; this can be a huge help when the time comes to make an offer. Most sellers will go with candidates that are pre-approved, since there's less risk that the deal will fall through.

Your Sharona Beck Realty agent will also be critical when it comes to negotiating and making your offer. The home buying process is long and involved, but with the right resources--namely, Sharona Beck Realty it can be exciting and  fun.

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